Love’s nightingales

Shadows do not diminish when the sun’s bloom wilts they merely fade into themselves ; chameleons of this butterfly world White it shines as it flits landing almost a kiss almost an enchantment upon solitude upon memory Songs, dreams and soft thoughts these butterflies do not diminish they are love’s nightingales ; a kind of … More Love’s nightingales

her song of life

I can smell the earth after the rain I can sense its delight its forgiveness and its compassion I can feel a slight chill after the rain a breath a breathing of textured sighs a whispered kiss I can smell the grass, the flowers; life after the rain I can imagine the gentle hiss, of … More her song of life

Get back

is this what the clouds say after the rain has fallen is it how the creatures feel when one of their kind has ended maybe the snow would like to be forever the sun can never go back it can only burn till it is no more. How can I get back to being me … More Get back

New Edition

After a year of my poetry book being published, I found a handful of poems which needed a little editing. With this now completed and with a change of the copyright page and an update of the bio, After the Rain is now published as a New Edition and is available to buy from my … More New Edition

maybe it was you

windows were closed the heat of the sun was upon them and upon me as I sat reading engrossed but not entirely with the book which I am eager to finish I had other veins attracting my attentions causing me to re-read a line or two a fragrance for a moment nothing more than a … More maybe it was you