Broken Roses – Video

Here I am reading from my latest poetry collection, Broken Roses. It’s a more darker collection than After the Rain or my other writings. It deals with death, solitude, loneliness, suicide, darkness, aphantasia, insomnia, love and memories.

Thanks for watching.

A swarm of sunlight

A swarm of sunlight
from a crack in the fluid grey
strikes the surface

One after the other
each particle of light
stings my eyes

Looking up I see trees bending
as the clouds rush on by
temporarily closing the door

My eyes hold the ghosts
and as the wind whistles its darting song
the swarm returns to burn through

Distance and time
reveals itself in the smallest of moments
when we feel the heat

Maybe the darkness
intensifies the desire
of and for the buzz

New Books

Look what arrived today!

Nice new copies of my books.

The third book of my little thoughts, A New Sunrise along with Being Human and Silence Happens and my latest poetry collection, Broken Roses with After the Rain.

All looks lovely, I’m rather happy.

Keep your eyes peeled for a competition coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚



Time to breathe

awake early
back to bed with a coffee

opening curtains
gold oozes
a volcano on the horizon

with coffee and Stevenson’s travels
propped with flat pillows
I read only to find myself wandering
into Thursday’s revelation

volcano is doused
gilded fields become leaden

I return to the book
finish the coffee
look at my peace lily and smile
as I notice the surfaces need dusting
a little like me

white light now blinds through my windows
fields are green
birdsong tickles the air

Time to breathe

They say things come in threes!

Oh busy busy me! They say things come in threes!

My new poetry collection is coming along nicely. I very much like the proof copy but have found some typos etc.

I have the title for my next poetry collection and dare I say it here but I have the theme too … it will predominantly be a book of nature poetry.

This afternoon I have been working on the third collection of my Little Thoughts books and that also is coming along nicely and I have the title too.

Now it’s time for food!


Watching the rain
attacking your windows
you see it run; racing dribbles
wasted energy
liquid rope twisting, turning
trying to find a way in

You don’t notice it
fulfil its purpose
of distracting you
from your sorrow
your memories
your future

you don’t remember
you are flanked
as the rain seeps
into your skin
your blood
your thoughts

you see the rainbow
and like a sponge
you release it all

to become





Is it possible to feel

hairs upon skin
her universe
ever growing
falling into death
naked beneath time
silent in the study of life

how many heartbeats will it take
her open copulation
laughing in the dark
birthing shadows
crimson pools of thought

is it possible to feel
her soul
the beginning?

Is it possible to endure creation
without losing oneโ€™s mind?