Candle flame
flickers a dance to kiss
the wax
and so bring sunshine within its cold
and there with the heat
the wax simply acquiesces and melts
forming patterns of flickered kisses
creating reflections, shadows and the breathings of time
and there with the heat
they coalesce into existence
to create silent flames of desire/passion/tenderness … life
deep within the empty
where only darkness rules
creating solitudes of silence where
the wax
is simply wax
waiting for sunshine
to dance within its soul

Artificial Atmosphere of Civilization


Listen to, breathe in and taste the pungent
where once music sang amongst the trees
where once the air invigorated
where once eating was real
and where each was once one’s own mind
but now
in this time of greed, futile deaths, global one-upmanships & scaremongerings
and the religious balloonings of creation
we are surrounded
by an artificial atmosphere of civilization
where trees are shrouded in tentacles of grease and darkness; their songs all but forgotten
where our lungs are attacked on a daily basis; antibodies scream in disgust
where chemical wrapped food tastes of food wrapped chemicals; painful temptation encroaches
and where what we think, what we are and what we believe is no longer ours …

in this artificial atmosphere of civilization, where only the perfect make the shelf

; sorrow begets perfection begets sorrow



With thanks to Achilles Daunt for giving me the title

Ancient Virgin

The last book
amongst the littered remains
of a struggled past

a survivor
an ancient virgin

devouring eyes
pore over

loving fingers

pages flutter
with each delicious

words drip
with each bacchanal

Overcome with
saviour’s emotion
the last book
… crumbles
… … crumbles

no more books
no more pleasure
no more whispers
no more life
no more pain
no more love
no more joy
no more emotion
no more soul
no more words
no more imagination
no more passion
no more feelings
no more death
no more
… no more
… … no more

The last book
lost …


This was first posted here on September 5th 2011 (edited)

Cloud breaks


Of rain and bows
and arrows and hearts
Of beats of memory
left behind
Of breath and almost
and something close
Of passion of eyes
behind sad smile
Of cloud and breaks
of silence and storm
Of beats of memory
all forlorn

A soul of beauty best

Sunbeams dance upon this earthly jigsaw
rainfall keeps the pattern green
cloudy shadows search fast and far
for rainbow’s end – ’tis never seen

Yet the love she gives
is more pure than gold

For the love she gives
is of a beauty untold

When all at once the sky does breathe
of evening smiles and swaying trees
for in the breath of Gaia’s breast
there lives a soul of beauty best


Fear is here
fear is there
fear is around us

Fear is yours
and fear is mine
fear is inside us
counting the time.

Fear can slay us
fear can crush us
fear will help to
squash us and push us.

Fear for this
and fear for that
fear just wants to
pull till you snap.

Fear is frightened
fear is scared
fear can show us
how problems are shared.

Fear is only
as big as you let it
fear will help you
be strong and forget it.

Fear is wise
fear is smart
fear is inside
your soul and your heart.

Fear is only
the tool of your mind
fear will help you
be strong and unwind

Fear will promise
fear will cry
fear will listen
when you stand up and try.

Fear will shrivel
and fear will hide
fear will go running
to a place far outside.


This was originally posted here on September 24th 2011. (edited)


Silence Happens is Alive

Hello everyone, hope you all have a good 2016.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions (I’m not one for celebrating New Year come to that, or Christmas!), however this year, as I said in a previous post, I am going to see if I can get a collection of poetry together. I’m not quite sure of a theme yet, I’m pondering over this as I have written on so many different topics covering over 800 poems (which I think only about a quarter or less are any good!) and I’m not sure where or what my best area is so choosing which direction to go will take some time but I want it done! I am a terribly idle writer or more to the point a very idle getting-stuff-together-editing writer but I want it done!

It would be marvellous to see a book with my name on it in Waterstones! You know what would really make me smile … to see one of mine in a second-hand book shop :) but first I have to stop dreaming, stop being idle and take some of my own advice and on that note (if you haven’t already clicked on these few links or guessed from the title) I shall let you know I have re-opened my little Thoughts, Reflections & Meditations blog called Silence Happens. Here you will find, with maybe some new spiritual/life/soul poems when they come to me, my little quotes of Life, Nature, Peace, Freedom & Love (which, along with new unpublished quotes, I self-published in two books). As I am slimming down this blog I might move the ones I find over to Silence Happens. Perhaps if you like my writings on this subject you would like to follow my blog Silence Happens. It will be nice seeing you there :)

And now I reckon it’s time to wash the dinner things, put my feet up and have a cup of tea!