Broken Roses – Video

Here I am reading from my latest poetry collection, Broken Roses. It’s a more darker collection than After the Rain or my other writings. It deals with death, solitude, loneliness, suicide, darkness, aphantasia, insomnia, love and memories.

Thanks for watching.

if only a whisper


Smiling in the face of adversity

brings courage and a strength

to our hearts


Smiling through difficulties

allows our souls

to shine the brighter



even in the worst of times

raises our spirits

and brings a feeling

of satisfaction

that we are better

than those who hurt.


So smile, if only a whisper.



It is in that moment when time becomes
a tremor of satisfaction real
it is in that moment when so soft drums
bring a hush, and a calm to those bells’ peal
for when once there rang a blasting outrage
of pain internal beating infernal
where days dragged by and books unread, unpaged
till no more of this heat in his kernal
could he stand, so out with those relievers
and in with fresh air, silent Buddhist calm
which by their nature they shine peace like verse
until his fire is doused by chanting balms
+++ Relief is the satisfaction real
+++ and in his heart, his soul, his mind … He feels

Conscious Thoughts

There isn’t enough Gratitude
in the world
There isn’t enough Love

There isn’t
there just aren’t enough
Conscious Thoughts

The discord

A voice of sawdust
swallows the night

A touch of barbed-wire
awakens the imagination

A feel of smiling pain
softens the heart

What is it, that brings forth
such visuals?

I can only say
for me
it is the discord
along the spine of my thoughts

The discord of
not being here

Love’s touch


If you could feel
the whispered breath of an angel
you would smile a tear

because to feel this touch
is to know love’s touch is near



Reflected heart
your beat, shifted
to a new tune

Unreachable jewel
“Thou liest!”

For when you shone your
soul upon me
I, reached out
only to find
the crown empty
the skies grey
and my heart

I care not

There are more jewels in a river
of solitudes
so fear not, I say, fear not
for the sun shines in each raindrop
and each raindrop


Just another shade of sleep

Pittering it sings
its tiny popcorn popping song

It draws my attention
as sunshine blasts through each drop
to brighten and lengthen the white sunset

Looking to the left
I see a blue of desire
and a grey suffocation

In the middle distance
there is the mist of overwhelm
edging closer to my window

I look once more to the left
and see the blue is miserable
a failed blue, a blue unwanted
a blue neglected

There above now
are the masters of conceal
dark, rapid and unconscious
of blue
and blue is now just another shade
of sleep.

Silence as the rain stops
the mist clears
the birds sing
and even the masters change their hue
and lo, there in the distance
a field of green brighter than spring’s fashion
courting the eye
but blue, she sleeps fatigued
by her unconsummated desires.