like the sun shone

for you

Silence Happens is reborn

Hello to you all. My website “Silence Happens” has been through some changes over the years. It started off as a site for my little quotes and since then I have self-published some of those quotes, along with some new ones,  in two books called Silence Happens and Being Human. The site then went through a period of quiet till it became a spiritual poetry and prose site but this went quiet too.

I am about to publish my first book of poetry called After the Rain, which includes poetry from this site. I have revamped Silence Happens to become my main writing hub with links to my poetry site here and to my story site and also with links to my Facebook page, Twitter, Goodreads etc. It is still a work in progress but the main bulk of the site is complete.

The link in menu above called “My Writing Blog” will take to the new site. I hope you will come and say hello and perhaps visit and like my Facebook page too 🙂

Thank you to everyone here, on Silence Happens and my story site too, who has followed my progress from when I first joined WordPress in August 2011 till now.

I hope we will continue our friendships.

Thank you 🙂

PS. Sorry I’ve been so quiet here, lots going on with getting “After the Rain” ready for publication and figuring out how to use Facebook and creating a new website.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

A moment


The sadness of saying no
when in your heart
you want to say yes


Beneath a wildflower sky

Beneath a wildflower sky
I amongst flowers
do wish to die

scented or no
a fine bed it will be
for my seedling soul to grow

Beneath a wildflower sky
I amongst meadow
do wish to imbibe

scented or no
ambrosia it will be
for my thirsty kiss to plough

Beneath a wildflower sky
I amongst glade
do wish to sigh

scented or no
thine rainfall shall be
for my heart seeks you to know

Deep in the moment


Deep in the moment
waking my thoughts
whilst removing thoughts
from my waking moments

I look out the window
and see she is doing the same
deep in the moment
busy creating
whilst removing moments
from my waking thoughts

I return to my moment
to find it has gone
I replace it with tea



I’ve gone and done it, I’ve joined Facebook again.

Not quite sure what I’m doing on there, and it all seems rather confusing but I’m there so come say “Hello” 🙂

I’m also on Twitter if you want to pop along there too 🙂

as winter rips

Leaves shiver so
as winter rips
as they cling to life

Birds peck frozen earth
as winter rips
as they cling to life

Woody blood slows
as winter rips
as they cling to life

Time is silent
as winter rips
as each moment

… dies