like the sun shone

for you

The Heart of Things


Peace comes from within
where in the heart of things
there beats a solitary tear
a single droplet of hope
crying for unity

Peace for us all


Sharp echoes


Sharp echoes of crows
tumble through the trees
scratching green paint off the leaves
to reveal autumn’s gold


Just a happy coincidence

Do not fear the flames
for they are only here to bring life
as music is here to enlighten the senses
as poetry is here to help us breathe
what is unknown to us

and what is unknown to us?

Oh simply the little things
the invisible things
the ‘out of the corner of our eyes’ things
the patient inevitability of things
the finite moments of the death of things
the waltz of the flowers as Tchaikovsky saw them, things
the passing of time within the minuscule eternity of things
the genius of geniuses and the things they create from a spark of … fear?
and how
the happy coincidences of things being just so
seem to appear just at the right time

So, do not fear the flames
simply embrace what is
behold the chaos around you
and breathe

Her fragrant chaos

Your colours change
in the dancing moments of time
as feathers of your soul
float down to kiss the green

Sometimes these kisses cause you to erupt
in splendours of attraction
and yet these kisses cause you to explode
into the majesty of your finality

The beauty of your death
is a rainbow in the soul
where the soul of you
reaches out to another

Your fragrance permeates
to become a rainbow within our hearts
till the beats of our lives
flow in synchronous orbits

A bee reads what I write
as it walks across my page
it has a think and flies away
where it whispers my poetry to you

Light bleeds through
dark speckled leaves of autumn’s coming
perhaps to whisper to me
the secrets of your fragrant chaos

Collisions of your feathers
cause ripples in my thoughts
where herons soar and sprites dance
as my soul breathes your undying romance

The day our paths crossed

There is something magical in the blossom of you
for as you rest your smile
your perfume meanders its way
upon warm currents of imagination
where, in the August sunshine, your soul reaches out
to infiltrate my solitude

And there, in the undress of your heart
the blossom of you opens
to reveal the secret of your perfume
for it is intoxication of the purest form
and when I breathe you in
you inhabit the cracks of my earth
and there you plant your roots
to remain a memory
of the day our paths crossed

Universal love


Before we can know and be at one with the beauty of universal Love

we must first come to learn how to love Humanity, Nature and Oneself