Our hearts are broken
from the first breath
and on to the first cry
to the first tear

Our souls are broken
as their lives
bleed out into the darkness
of loss

Our thread, yours and mine, is broken

In the beginning
when the magic of love
wasn’t magic at all
but a reality

In the beginning
before we knew of time
and heartbeats
there was only the chaos of love

This, here, there, in the shadows, in the light, is broken

The echo
of our first tears
as they drop to the floor
hammers against the solitude of life

The echo
of our first voiced scream
gives vent to the rip
to the loss

Broken, till we meet again …

I wonder about thee

I wonder about thee
as my thoughts embrace
the beauty of thine art

Thou blaze
thine skin shines
as the light kisses thee

Tumbling from high
the sunbeams fall
to land upon a memory
of a distant call

I wonder about thine embrace
as my thoughts relax
upon the flower of thee

In flight out of sight
echoes of thine soul
pipe the petalled glade of mine heart

How moon, you release
you glint and you glimmer
as you fall upon a memory
of a hope, of a shimmer

I wander about thine embrace
as my thoughts engage
a dream’s eternity with thee

Through halls of soft time
thine song, mine soul, thine beat, mine rhythm
gentle is the call of the wild, wild pain

of the wild, wild pain of solitude
for ’tis a dream, a dream no less
and so I wonder about thee
as my thoughts embrace
the beauty of thine art

as my thoughts embrace
the dream of thine heart …


Smile (in the memory of you)

Baby blue sky
in the evening you cry
as the change of coming night
sets your world alight

as the clouds dip and paint
splatter patterns of rustic quaint

as over here and over there
a child’s play of chaotic care

as greyer upon greyer
dusk bustles to add a layer

as in the evening you cry
little baby blue sky

Kiss the sky

How the mind
it falters as it sees
the wonderful balancing act
of the bird
perched upon a green tender finger
resisting gravity
while feeling the age of wood
tremble in its claws

It knows not the ugly side of life
It knows nothing of age
It knows nothing of freedom
It knows nothing of peace
It knows not the future of shadows

Beauty is ugly
simply because ugly is a beautiful creation of chaos
and so beauty is everywhere
and so beauty belongs to all
and so from one moment to the next
keep moving forward
regardless of the shadows and have faith in your future
for does not the unknowing bird
resist the pull of gravity while feeling the pulse of life
quiver through its feathers

It knows not the beauty of life
It knows nothing of happiness
It knows nothing of chaos
It knows nothing of smiles
It knows not the universe of love

In freedom we have the space to know peace
and the happiness to feel love
where on our way to being at one with the universe
to be open, and to be free
we find a truth in life
a truth which says
that there is always a chance to be happy
a chance to be free
and a chance to smile, to live in peace and to love the changes of creation
for does not the unknowing bird
simply release to kiss the sky
and in doing
she kisses herself

How the mind
it falters
as time slips through in whispers
as the bird
catches the eye of the poet
as she releases to kiss the sky
and so the poet
kisses another year, goodbye

This ephemeral song

What we see
is fundamentally different
to what we are
for we are all
essences of creation

How the emergence of chaos
intercepts the fragrance of life
and thus the shadows of interception
close in upon the seedlings of life

When once there was sterile solitude
there now breathes
an abundance of plenty
and yet with plenty
there comes a confusion of atrocities
for chaos births confusion
and confusion births different paths

The feathers from the archangel of brevity
fall upon these paths of existence
to give a singular mortality of time
to those who offer their love
for time is but a moment
is nothing but a moment, of chaos
until if we offer our love
and then this moment
this ephemeral song
is now



Only the sanctuary of time
allows us to believe in the reality of our existence
for without this enveloping breath of creation
we would simply suffocate
in the blank vacuum of non-existence

The living are outnumbered by the vastness of death’s erosion
and so, in time
there shall be nothing but death
where only the echo of birdsong remains
and in its spectral solitude it shall mourn humanity and wait

Even though, with the abundance of chaos surrounding all and everything
there is a rationale percolating below the skin of life
where the next shadow of reality
is waiting to echo in whispers of beauty
that once-more melody, the sanctuary of time

The death which lands upon us all
is not so much a thing to be feared
but more of a thing to believe in
for change is simply
a new page of poetry
where, in the stillness
between light and dark
between sunshine and cloud
between wind and shadow
there is a silence, a solitude, a hope
waiting to be loved.


The gentle touch of your fragrance
vibrates in soft echoes of tranquil smiles
upon the unpainted walls of my soul

and there, like a coffee-house welcome, the essence of you
silk-screens itself in phantom waves
of stained-glass infused moonlight

This silent breath of solitude
inhales the aroma of your redolent echo
and so becomes lost in the mystery of your soul

and there, just as music relaxes the mind into realms of imagination
so does moonlight relax the soul into realms of mystery
and so together they create a symbiosis of natural awareness