Incense of rainbow


Thunder and sunshine
coalesce into a something
a something
sparkling and darkling

Twisted elements
of the same storm
burn incense
of rainbow

Oh to inhale
to rise and ride
to be the turbulent calm
within your perfect storm

to be at the centre of you


Shadows of pain

I remember walking barefoot through wet grass
and how its first chill felt like
a shadow of pain
from fractured memories
and how each blade of grass
seemed to sharpen the shadow’s point
till it broke through the skin of resistance
to reveal
the distance of time
a river of rain
and the shadows of not knowing
why I was walking barefoot through wet grass

Perhaps I was hoping for a rainbow

Joined a writing group tonight (Castlecroft Writers) and we had an exercise for the last 15 minutes where we had to make a list of things we remember. Well you know what my brain is like for remembering things, anyhow I sort of went off on a tangent and came home to write this.