Publication news and a little something else!

First off, I’ve had a micropoem about a kingfisher published in the May/June edition of the Shropshire magazine “yattar yattar”. It’s a print publication but also available to read online here It is on page 141 and they have added a nice picture of a kingfisher :)

OK, here’s the little something else :)

My local newspaper is doing a full-page spread about me, my poetry and my upcoming new book of Little Thoughts (hoping to have it on sale before the end of May). I shall be in this Saturday’s (16th May) Weekend supplement :)

I had a telephone interview with them last night and today, at the school where I work as a cleaner, I had a photo shoot!

The paper is called the Express & Star and it is the biggest-selling regional evening newspaper in Britain, with a readership of over a million! Blimey :)

(Update) It is now available to read online here I’m on page 2 :)


Apologies for not writing much lately. I’ve not been well.

To be alive in her arms

how it reaches in
how it touches
how it soothes

How it
envelops the cold within
to bring about a feeling of knowledge
to bring about a feeling of warmth
to bring about a feeling of life

how it belongs
how it creates
how it breathes

How it
envelops the cold within
to stop the sadness from burning
to stop the torments from breading
to stop the sky from falling

why is it only you
I feel
when this solitude aches
to be

alive in her arms

Evening sky

Evening sky
of pale blue
of shimmering white shawls drifting upon thermals
of a dark heaviness of rainy fingers of cloud
of the coming night upon the horizon

Evening sky
touching the green
in a confusion of birds
in a silence of time
in a stillness of awe

Evening sky
evening sky

evening sky
how is it you catch me in your arms
with your heart
how is it you enter my thoughts
with your eyes of dark evening sky
the colour of a darkling forest
and deep hidden glades
where Faery perform their subtle magics

Evening sky
why is it you
I feel
when I breathe

Beautiful chaos

Bluebells distract the eye in such a beautiful way
as they huddle together beneath branches of the leafless tree

they shy away from the green field
peppered with daisy and dandelion
where blackbird and pigeon peck and bob, peck and bob
in their comical way

A perfect camouflage of grey on grey
as squirrel acrobats his way through barren branches
while clouds cushion the heat of the sun

There’s a chill in the air as a random blossom petal of white
flits in chaotic abandon and yet, there are no blossom trees here
How far did it travel to land on the green amongst the daisy and the dandelion
watched by the bluebell, squirrel, pigeon and blackbird

There’s a chill in the air as my empty coffee cup sits beside me
rocking in the breeze with gentle little moments of oblivious calm
and for a second a stillness envelops me as the sun
breaks through to kiss my neck

and here I sit, oblivious to the pen
as bluebells distract my mind

and here I sit, remembering within
as the blossom turns into a butterfly
and so the poet resists the urge to write any more
for how can he write anything to compare
with the beautiful chaos around him