New Edition

After a year of my poetry book being published, I found a handful of poems which needed a little editing. With this now completed and with a change of the copyright page and an update of the bio, After the Rain is now published as a New Edition and is available to buy from my … More New Edition

maybe it was you

windows were closed the heat of the sun was upon them and upon me as I sat reading engrossed but not entirely with the book which I am eager to finish I had other veins attracting my attentions causing me to re-read a line or two a fragrance for a moment nothing more than a … More maybe it was you

sans liberté

such a thing haunting and beautiful ghosts of sound you could call them echoes ancient rumblings sensuous vibrations lost, feelings such a thing is there such a thing? Could we catch the echo seal it in jade and hang it in the window the sun would ask the rain for its tears for it can … More sans liberté

Flying Ants

A tiny droplet of orange lands on my hand as I sit reading in the shade Looking up, expecting to see a bird closing its bomb doors I see nothing but the blue and the surrounding hug of the trees’ canopy I reach down to the grass to wipe away the perfect hit and there … More Flying Ants