maybe it was you

windows were closed the heat of the sun was upon them and upon me as I sat reading engrossed but not entirely with the book which I am eager to finish I had other veins attracting my attentions causing me to re-read a line or two a fragrance for a moment nothing more than a … More maybe it was you

After the Rain

My book, After the Rain, is now available at Barnes & Noble, Lulu and Amazon for the price of £7.50. The book contains over 100 poems of Love, Nature, Humanity, Romance and Passion. Thank you for your continued support.

The end of summer

~ The coffee sits cold and forgotten a liquid shadow in the silence of night where movement becomes ethereal and silken with a touch of the butterfly as she kisses the gravestones of summer goodbye and so we look for the warm remembrances of times spent allowing our skin to feel the heat of life’s … More The end of summer