drifting … on possibilities from a thousand masks hiding in the shadows with the dust where pain is peripheral and love is only the accidental collisions of dust towards midnight sleepless waiting for your fragrance with the silence where time is inconsequential and love is the pain we breathe in silence into you   Advertisements

A fission of soul

Thou art destruction To believe anything other than this would be a sin for within, the fire within, it lives where it is kept in check by the crease of thine own mirror’s aging visual sorrow where it can only be seen peripherally so it is quite invisible until the moon shatters the disguise if … More A fission of soul

Deep within

~ Candles bring with their dance of light a certain kind of peace in the darkness and there they create shadows where the monsters live and where the pitiful beat of change, aches to escape The sorcery begins deep within as the wax slows the ticking screams of time and there shadows awaken his soul’s … More Deep within