drifting … on possibilities from a thousand masks hiding in the shadows with the dust where pain is peripheral and love is only the accidental collisions of dust towards midnight sleepless waiting for your fragrance with the silence where time is inconsequential and love is the pain we breathe in silence into you  


The ballet of death as much as the ballet of life is sewn and performed together for one without the other is nothing but a memory of that unspoken thing and all together we move through the rain where bows and roses bloom knowing that come too soon is that, unspoken thing we shelter our … More Unspoken


… feel the temptation to seduce and to be seduced feel that tingle of slowness surrounding your skin inhale the moment allow it to inhabit your beat allow it to seduce your mind into believing you are free …  feel your skin and the moisture between your fingers feel the slowness of time kissing your … More Freedom


So near yet so distant I know how trees feel as the sun kisses them I see now why they reach up how they, live and die to feel So far away is your smile and your embrace yet so near I know how flowers feel as the bees drink them I see now why … More Emergence