her song of life

I can smell the earth after the rain I can sense its delight its forgiveness and its compassion I can feel a slight chill after the rain a breath a breathing of textured sighs a whispered kiss I can smell the grass, the flowers; life after the rain I can imagine the gentle hiss, of … More her song of life

maybe it was you

windows were closed the heat of the sun was upon them and upon me as I sat reading engrossed but not entirely with the book which I am eager to finish I had other veins attracting my attentions causing me to re-read a line or two a fragrance for a moment nothing more than a … More maybe it was you

Flying Ants

A tiny droplet of orange lands on my hand as I sit reading in the shade Looking up, expecting to see a bird closing its bomb doors I see nothing but the blue and the surrounding hug of the trees’ canopy I reach down to the grass to wipe away the perfect hit and there … More Flying Ants

Sacred places

In the depression of our hearts in the deepest, most sacred places of our souls this is where we find the moments, the beginnings of things There is no silence between heartbeats only the suffering of life’s echo waiting to begin waiting to end There is nowhere more sacred than that of ourselves where in … More Sacred places

That, feeling

right in the pit curling a feather with boots and wings that, feeling of desire of a need to compress tremulous it starts spreading wings of springs and glorious things that, feeling of apprehension of a call to unwind such warmth rising calling and falling that, feeling of inhibition of a flavour to inhale and … More That, feeling