Love’s nightingales

Shadows do not diminish when the sun’s bloom wilts they merely fade into themselves ; chameleons of this butterfly world White it shines as it flits landing almost a kiss almost an enchantment upon solitude upon memory Songs, dreams and soft thoughts these butterflies do not diminish they are love’s nightingales ; a kind of … More Love’s nightingales

That, feeling

right in the pit curling a feather with boots and wings that, feeling of desire of a need to compress tremulous it starts spreading wings of springs and glorious things that, feeling of apprehension of a call to unwind such warmth rising calling and falling that, feeling of inhibition of a flavour to inhale and … More That, feeling


The ballet of death as much as the ballet of life is sewn and performed together for one without the other is nothing but a memory of that unspoken thing and all together we move through the rain where bows and roses bloom knowing that come too soon is that, unspoken thing we shelter our … More Unspoken


So near yet so distant I know how trees feel as the sun kisses them I see now why they reach up how they, live and die to feel So far away is your smile and your embrace yet so near I know how flowers feel as the bees drink them I see now why … More Emergence