her song of life

I can smell the earth after the rain I can sense its delight its forgiveness and its compassion I can feel a slight chill after the rain a breath a breathing of textured sighs a whispered kiss I can smell the grass, the flowers; life after the rain I can imagine the gentle hiss, of … More her song of life

Flying Ants

A tiny droplet of orange lands on my hand as I sit reading in the shade Looking up, expecting to see a bird closing its bomb doors I see nothing but the blue and the surrounding hug of the trees’ canopy I reach down to the grass to wipe away the perfect hit and there … More Flying Ants

After the Rain

My book, After the Rain, is now available at Barnes & Noble, Lulu and Amazon for the price of £7.50. The book contains over 100 poems of Love, Nature, Humanity, Romance and Passion. Thank you for your continued support.