Deep in the moment

*** Deep in the moment waking my thoughts whilst removing thoughts from my waking moments I look out the window and see she is doing the same deep in the moment busy creating whilst removing moments from my waking thoughts I return to my moment to find it has gone I replace it with tea … More Deep in the moment

as winter rips

Leaves shiver so as winter rips as they cling to life Birds peck frozen earth as winter rips as they cling to life Woody blood slows as winter rips as they cling to life Time is silent as winter rips as each moment … dies

A Winter’s Tale

~ How the moments meander in eternal wonderlands of winter where moonlight echoes the frost’s fragile crispness with its silvern smile and how these moments create such silences … such silences as when the robin peeps out from the shadows to see hands being held beneath alchemic smiles of mystery and apprehension How the moments … More A Winter’s Tale