like the sun shone

for you

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Hello everyone. I’ve taken another step into the social media arena. I’ve created an Instagram account and here it is …

It’s mainly for my little poems/quotes thoughts and reflections and most shall be handwritten.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Deep in the moment


Deep in the moment
waking my thoughts
whilst removing thoughts
from my waking moments

I look out the window
and see she is doing the same
deep in the moment
busy creating
whilst removing moments
from my waking thoughts

I return to my moment
to find it has gone
I replace it with tea



Here, let me show you 🙂 – – – – – *** Yes I have published a collection of Little Thoughts from my Silence Happens site. I have self-published through I have edited some and added a good handful of new and unpublished Little Thoughts. Now Lulu seemed very confusing to me at first […]

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