Watching the snowflakes

Silent explosions of creation appear beyond the window as I listen to, or am bombarded by, the eternal ringing in my ears Silence is an impossible dream Watching the leaves in spring stretch and yawn Watching the rose petals romance the world Watching the beautiful deaths colour the postcards Watching the snowflakes’ individualities show us … More Watching the snowflakes

where dwells the heart

Poetry, such a beautiful thing to feel such a rose to inhale such life within such a life within such poetry and yet how cold it is to be without it how lonely how tiring and how painful is this echo of darkness ~ Poetry where dwells the heart


Candle flame flickers a dance to kiss the wax and so bring sunshine within its cold and there with the heat the wax simply acquiesces and melts forming patterns of flickered kisses creating reflections, shadows and the breathings of time and there with the heat they coalesce into existence to create silent flames of desire/passion/tenderness … More Sunshine

Ancient Virgin

The last book found amongst the littered remains of a struggled past a survivor unread unopened an ancient virgin devouring eyes pore over loving fingers caress pages flutter with each delicious touch words drip with each bacchanal read Overcome with saviour’s emotion the last book found crumbles … crumbles … … crumbles no more books … More Ancient Virgin