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A Winter’s Tale


How the moments meander
in eternal wonderlands of winter
where moonlight echoes the frost’s fragile crispness
with its silvern smile

and how these moments
create such silences …
such silences as when the robin
peeps out from the shadows
to see hands being held beneath alchemic smiles
of mystery and apprehension

How the moments meander
in the stillness of a windless cold morn
where skeletons reach to tickle the sky
with their frozen fingertips

and how these moments
create such solitudes …
such solitudes as when one remaining leaf
shivers in its ache to be free
to fall, to be taken by a breeze, to land
to die in her arms, to be loved once more

How the moments meander
within the poet’s eternal darkness
where shards of shadows fall to create an eternity of black ice
with their cold cold smiles

and how these moments
create such fragility …
such fragility as when he looks up
he sees time, nature and the beauty of life – frozen
and so he paints himself a winter’s tale
where passions burn and her soul melts the snows of his loneliness


The curse of it all

The curse of it all
The blessing of it all
The dark bark of it all
The beauty of it all

To reflect upon it all
is to grow heavy
under the onslaught of her silence

and like a bee to the purple
like a shadow to the moon
like a shimmer from reflected grace
the truth will blind us soon

When once there was a seedling
When once there was a smile
When once there shined a coal-black eye
Thine fervent beauty came alive

The curse of it all
The blessing of it all
The dark bark of it all
The beauty of it all

To hear the tune of it all
is to grow feathers
under the onslaught of her wisdom

and like a finger to the ‘bow
like a bird to the nest
like a light from distant shores
the truth will come to rest


A spiritual distance of starlight
shines the love of angels
upon the hearts of those
who write the same song

The Oak of Time (Part One)

In the midst of green deep in the forest of Graiall there lives a kingdom of Leaf Riders, led by the valiant and very handsome Bladewhistler.

And there he sits now upon his powerful and immensely fast Leafwind.

Oh there are many many living in Graiall and all not much bigger than your little finger and oh to see them smile, to see them dance, and oh to see them ride is so thrilling, so breath-taking and oh so so green like the shades and shadows of the liquid velvet of the forest.

Bladewhistler is at that moment in his life where he has a choice. He is at the fork where his age will either remain the same and he will live forever in the company of his friends and dance and sing and play and ride or he will grow into a grand elder and live in the one place all Graiallians dream of … The Oak of Time where green is born, a place of perfection where the music of peace echoes between each and every branch, and the timeless beauty of nature’s essence shines its soul for all to feel and for all to become at one with life.

Now you might think that’s an easy choice for Bladewhistler to make, who wouldn’t want to touch and be a part of Mother Nature herself? Well let me tell you something, it takes only the truest of heart and soul to reach The Oak of Time and the journey is a long one, and sometimes hard too and sometimes fun.

What will he do?

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