like the sun shone

for you


So near
yet so distant

I know how trees feel
as the sun kisses them

I see now why they reach up
how they, live and die to feel

So far away
is your smile
and your embrace
yet so near

I know how flowers feel
as the bees drink them

I see now why they blossom
how they, live and die to feel

So, your shadow
reaches in to pluck me from my dreams
from my safe place
from my prison of solitude
yet, there are no prisons
except for those we create within us

I know how rivers feel
as the fish breathe them

I see now how they flow
why they are invisible; feeling

So sublime
is this emergence


After the Rain

After the Rain

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Indra’s Net, an international anthology of poetry in aid of The Book Bus.

I am very happy to sit amongst so many talented poets within this international anthology of poetry called Indra’s Net. The book is in aid of The Book Bus, a charity which aims to improve child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them.

All profits from the sales of Indra’s Net, published by Bennison Books, will go to The Book Bus.

Featuring in this anthology are poets from a number of different countries worldwide and if you buy this book not only will your purchase help to hand on the pleasure and power of language but you will also enjoy a wonderful variety of poems.

We have donated our poetry free of charge so all profits will go to The Book Bus.

Bennison Books

Indra's Net

The Book Bus

One in six adults around the world have come through childhood unable to read or write, due mainly to a lack of books and opportunity to read. The Book Bus was founded by publisher Tom Maschler with the aim of supplying books and making them accessible to children to help get more children reading and therefore be able to make more choices about their own lives.

In 2008 the Book Bus began delivering books to schools in Zambia and working with children to inspire them to read. The Book Bus has opened reading schemes in Zambia, Malawi, and Ecuador where over 100,000 children now have books that are relevant and accessible to read.

Ambient echo


Yes, I can hear you
but do you not understand.
I’m not listening


Waking moments


What is it but a dream of your soul
seeking the waking moments of life


The biography of time

I see spumes of decay
drifts of dreams
sky whales
the distance of belief
tai chi
the blue of you, when grey
and things that are big, poofy, and full of humidity

I see filigrees of snail trails
slush puppies
art creating itself
knitted petals
reflected images
scratched and bleeding scars
and pyramids unwrapping their mummies

I see the biography of time

Unfinished Horizons

I turn the music off
for now it is a distraction

I cannot force the poem
but I know it wants to breathe

Perhaps it’s the suffocating scream
I feel when she breathes

Maybe it’s the horizon of green
waiting for the horizon of shadow

Summer evenings
how you evanesce

how your stillness defies gravity
whilst echoing creation’s song

how you are a mirage
of green, blue and haze of death’s prayer

and then there is the birdsong
that smile of eternity

hiding in plain sight

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