Cloud breaks

~ Of rain and bows and arrows and hearts Of beats of memory left behind Of breath and almost and something close Of passion of eyes behind sad smile Of cloud and breaks of silence and storm Of beats of memory all forlorn

this, December thing

~ As cobwebs grow while we sleep so does this thing this, December thing … How it throttles, suffocates and destroys how it becomes a pestilence within the silent beats of winter this, December thing … The emptiness of broken promises echoes from the sorrows of children to the sorrows of this, December thing … … More this, December thing

A Winter’s Tale

~ How the moments meander in eternal wonderlands of winter where moonlight echoes the frost’s fragile crispness with its silvern smile and how these moments create such silences … such silences as when the robin peeps out from the shadows to see hands being held beneath alchemic smiles of mystery and apprehension How the moments … More A Winter’s Tale

Deep within

~ Candles bring with their dance of light a certain kind of peace in the darkness and there they create shadows where the monsters live and where the pitiful beat of change, aches to escape The sorcery begins deep within as the wax slows the ticking screams of time and there shadows awaken his soul’s … More Deep within


~ White the mist rolls ‘pon the leaves of time White it curls ‘pon the memory of thine ; reflecting eyes White the mist rolls ‘pon the leaves of time White it drifts ‘pon the embrace of thine ; spirit of life White the mist rolls ‘pon the leaves of time White it kisses ‘pon … More White