That, feeling

right in the pit curling a feather with boots and wings that, feeling of desire of a need to compress tremulous it starts spreading wings of springs and glorious things that, feeling of apprehension of a call to unwind such warmth rising calling and falling that, feeling of inhibition of a flavour to inhale and … More That, feeling

Overwhelm of desire

We look upon such things the way a candle looks upon the shadow Wanting to illuminate it? to take away the fear of it? to become it? to suppress it? We look upon such things with a desire, to overwhelm it with ourselves


This slave to burning insanity which resides inside the very core of me this slave needs to be released and so become to sit quietly and drink tea in the silences of mine own apperceptions ; his own mind, free to converse outside the realms of madness – with what, but a reflection of his … More Slave


Candle flame flickers a dance to kiss the wax and so bring sunshine within its cold and there with the heat the wax simply acquiesces and melts forming patterns of flickered kisses creating reflections, shadows and the breathings of time and there with the heat they coalesce into existence to create silent flames of desire/passion/tenderness … More Sunshine

Ancient Virgin

The last book found amongst the littered remains of a struggled past a survivor unread unopened an ancient virgin devouring eyes pore over loving fingers caress pages flutter with each delicious touch words drip with each bacchanal read Overcome with saviour’s emotion the last book found crumbles … crumbles … … crumbles no more books … More Ancient Virgin

Cloud breaks

~ Of rain and bows and arrows and hearts Of beats of memory left behind Of breath and almost and something close Of passion of eyes behind sad smile Of cloud and breaks of silence and storm Of beats of memory all forlorn