Love’s nightingales

Shadows do not diminish when the sun’s bloom wilts they merely fade into themselves ; chameleons of this butterfly world White it shines as it flits landing almost a kiss almost an enchantment upon solitude upon memory Songs, dreams and soft thoughts these butterflies do not diminish they are love’s nightingales ; a kind of … More Love’s nightingales

To be loved

~ … folded into your smile falling into your heart flying deep into your soul … Is this a witchcraft Is this a sunburst Is this nothing but a crease in time … how soft the wind blows between us how sweet the fragrance of our moments how sultry is the air after the rain … More To be loved

Poetic malaise

Oh beauty you are but a petal in my existence how you dance in my path as you fall to float ‘pon gentle morn’s kiss how you fall to float ‘pon the rippled calm of serenity Oh but the tree the leaf the flower and thee are so very similar don’t you see? Oh how … More Poetic malaise

Forever lost

– This little brown teddy bear is forever lost he lays on his back upon the cafe’s table and while his guardian goes in search of something sweet he looks up into the blue of summer looks up with eyes, bright bright eyes full of wishes and dreams Does he wish he was riding aloft … More Forever lost