drifting … on possibilities from a thousand masks hiding in the shadows with the dust where pain is peripheral and love is only the accidental collisions of dust towards midnight sleepless waiting for your fragrance with the silence where time is inconsequential and love is the pain we breathe in silence into you   Advertisements

When silence comes

The sun rises upon us all but in reality we drift towards the light in anticipation of the coming night And so it began in that moment of birth when darkness thrust us into the light We are creatures of curiosity We want to know to feel to believe we are anything but this Skin … More When silence comes

The biography of time

I see spumes of decay drifts of dreams sky whales the distance of belief tai chi the blue of you, when grey patience reticence impatience omnipotence nonsense fun and things that are big, poofy, and full of humidity I see filigrees of snail trails slush puppies art creating itself knitted petals reflected images scratched and … More The biography of time

Clouds without rain

Clouds without rain evaporate into ghosts Memories eroded and forgotten barren souls of bleached bone The immortality of time carries with it life That, moment when rain explodes with pungent echoes of its death That, fleeting moment when you remember your own ghosts

as winter rips

Leaves shiver so as winter rips as they cling to life Birds peck frozen earth as winter rips as they cling to life Woody blood slows as winter rips as they cling to life Time is silent as winter rips as each moment … dies