Love’s nightingales

Shadows do not diminish when the sun’s bloom wilts they merely fade into themselves ; chameleons of this butterfly world White it shines as it flits landing almost a kiss almost an enchantment upon solitude upon memory Songs, dreams and soft thoughts these butterflies do not diminish they are love’s nightingales ; a kind of … More Love’s nightingales

When silence comes

The sun rises upon us all but in reality we drift towards the light in anticipation of the coming night And so it began in that moment of birth when darkness thrust us into the light We are creatures of curiosity We want to know to feel to believe we are anything but this Skin … More When silence comes


So near yet so distant I know how trees feel as the sun kisses them I see now why they reach up how they, live and die to feel So far away is your smile and your embrace yet so near I know how flowers feel as the bees drink them I see now why … More Emergence


To become the light within solitude this seed grows to become the flower of this soul’s silent collapse of death to become the beginnings of raindrops aware of their flight, singing to become kisses of existence unsated with the orgasm of life’s humid mulch to become ancient, inherent, solitary free from the awakening of this … More Nascent