Forever lost

This little brown teddy bear is forever lost
he lays on his back upon the cafe’s table
and while his guardian goes in search of something sweet
he looks up into the blue of summer
looks up with eyes, bright bright eyes
full of wishes and dreams

Does he wish he was riding aloft one of the clouds
clouds whose softness
is unmatched by his own soft fur?

Does he wish he was taken by the angels
to soar in atmospheres of calm
where purity is everything?

Does he wish he could ride sunbeams
and dance upon rainbows
where colour and light shine so bright?

Does he wish he could frolic in the snow
as it forms and falls
on a winter’s day?

Oh yes
he wishes all these things and more
but he willingly gives up his dreams
to live in the smile of the little girl
who never forgets him

And yes
he is forever lost
lost in this child’s embrace
of innocence and unconditional love