as winter rips

Leaves shiver so as winter rips as they cling to life Birds peck frozen earth as winter rips as they cling to life Woody blood slows as winter rips as they cling to life Time is silent as winter rips as each moment … dies Advertisements

A Winter’s Tale

~ How the moments meander in eternal wonderlands of winter where moonlight echoes the frost’s fragile crispness with its silvern smile and how these moments create such silences … such silences as when the robin peeps out from the shadows to see hands being held beneath alchemic smiles of mystery and apprehension How the moments … More A Winter’s Tale

The end of summer

~ The coffee sits cold and forgotten a liquid shadow in the silence of night where movement becomes ethereal and silken with a touch of the butterfly as she kisses the gravestones of summer goodbye and so we look for the warm remembrances of times spent allowing our skin to feel the heat of life’s … More The end of summer

Virgin Earth

A themed challenge on Winter. *** Ears on fire fingertips hurt pin cushion cheeks a nose that’s burnt. All this pain I will endure on a morning like this air crisp and pure. Ducks do practice for Dancing on Ice A Heron to judge a look that could splice. Further along the canal takes a … More Virgin Earth