The ballet of death as much as the ballet of life is sewn and performed together for one without the other is nothing but a memory of that unspoken thing and all together we move through the rain where bows and roses bloom knowing that come too soon is that, unspoken thing we shelter our … More Unspoken

Watching the snowflakes

Silent explosions of creation appear beyond the window as I listen to, or am bombarded by, the eternal ringing in my ears Silence is an impossible dream Watching the leaves in spring stretch and yawn Watching the rose petals romance the world Watching the beautiful deaths colour the postcards Watching the snowflakes’ individualities show us … More Watching the snowflakes

Find your soul

Be true look inside search for it open yourself to your open self look around and see watch for the moments smile as you come across the You that You once were know that what is in you is also in all of us and it lives waiting silent because we are all one together … More Find your soul

Just yesterday

Sitting alongside the old man is a duckling. The old man and a duckling; him almost crossed legged, her looking a bit lost, sort of half sitting half ready to jump in the canal. The old man is staring out across the fields with his hands on his knees oblivious to the duckling. The duckling … More Just yesterday