‘there are times when silence is a poem’*

How many millions of poems are being written now
pencil, pen, keyboard
how many millions have been scratched
quilled, chalked, painted

With each dot over an i
curve under a j
angle of an L
with each of these and more
there is attached
noise of imagination
and the noise of the instrument of torture

for isn’t poetry a torture?

Listen for a second
as you read a poem, any poem
can you hear the agony
the torment
the destruction
the brutality
of language
of how it tries to entice you into believing
that we are simply nothing more
than mere human beings

when in reality
we are the silences
between each stroke of the pen

We are poetry
and we are beautiful
and together
we are something more than the silences
we are the invisible vibrations of life

we are that most grand of silences

A smile
on the face of Peace


* quote: John Fowles, The Magus