like the sun shone

for you

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… and ever on the wanderer toils


… and ever on the wanderer toils
to collect the wind-blown mighty spoils

From whence he came
to where he travels
he cannot answer
for his echo, unanswered

He watches with an unfeigned smile
his eyes a-twinkling
his heart on fire

He is the keystone
between light and dark
reading the script
to be the guide and to hark

… and ever on the wanderer roams
to collect the vestiges of broken souls

To sing, dance and fly
are his only wishes
but Earth-bound mortal
his solitude immortal

He speaks of the silent crashing waves
with his spirit and life
with his peaceful malaise

He is the leaf
‘pon which the dusts settle
for his rain of love
gives our rust its mettle

… and ever on the wanderer dreams
to collect the ticket for his own release


With only these little creations, you make me smile

With only a simple little lift
of the corner of your mouth

With only the smallest of smallest
of little crinkles
in the corners of your eyes

With only a nothing of nothingness
the tiniest nothing of you as you glance
oh so impossibly
silent like the breath of a roaring leopardess

With only these minute ephemeral creations of you
you make me smile
you make my heart melt
you make me wonder at the wonder of it all
but most of all, you make me smile

because you are Lily, my Granddaughter
and I love you x


Here, let me show you 🙂 – – – – – *** Yes I have published a collection of Little Thoughts from my Silence Happens site. I have self-published through I have edited some and added a good handful of new and unpublished Little Thoughts. Now Lulu seemed very confusing to me at first […]

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